What is a Rad Dad (really awesome dads)?

  • RAD DADS are fathers, uncles, grandfathers, or brothers who volunteer one day each year at school.
  • RAD DADS receive a school experience by assisting in the classroom, supervising recess, serving and eating lunch with their children, monitoring the campus, mentoring students, assisting in the library and technology room, and so much more!
  • RAD DADS make Bud Rank an even better elementary school with their presence.

Why be a Raven RAD (besides the cool vest and huge grins)?

  • RAD DADS serve as extra eyes and ears at Bud Rank while monitoring the campus at recess.
  • RAD DADS provide a positive male role model for all students.
  • RAD DADS get the opportunity to get a glimpse into their child's day at school.

How do I sign up to be a Raven DAD?

  • RAD DADS must provide a minimum of one week notice.
  • RAD DADS need to have a CUSD Volunteer Form with a copy of your driver's license on file with the front office.
  • Complete the request page (found in the front office). Have several dates available.
Thank you for supporting this great program.
Additional questions can be directed to: Nichole Gambrell at