Transitional Kindergarten Recognition
Kindergarten Recognition
   TK/Kindergarten awards will take place as needed in classrooms.  Awards are sent home with students.

Grades 1-6 Recognition
   Parents are encouraged to join us for award assemblies each semester.

1st Semester Awards:
   January 30/MPR
      Grade 1/AM
      Grade 2/AM 

 January 31/MPR
      Grade 3/AM
      Grade 4/AM

   February 1/MPR
      Grade 5/PM
      Grade 6/PM

2nd Semester Awards:
   June 4/MPR
      Grade 6 - 9:00AM

   June 6/MPR 
      Grade 1 - AM
      Grade 2 - AM
      Grade 3 - AM

   June 7/MPR 
      Grade 4 - AM
      Grade 5 - AM

Block BR Award Handbook
Block BR Scoresheet

Block BR Awards:

   May 30/MPR
      Grade 5 - 5:45pm
      Grade 6 - 6:30pm 

Accelerated Reader Awards
   See A/R Program Page

Athletic Awards
   See each season under Athletics